Whiskey is a timeless beverage that is loved by many. It is a good companion when you have it alone or a great drink when having friends and family with you. But bourbon whiskey is versatile and there are plenty of things you can do with it to spice it up for a better experience.

  • Let Your Whiskey Breathe

The initial impulse when you see this beverage is to grab it immediately and drink it in one gulp. But the recommended way to drink whiskey is to let it breathe. Leave it for a few minutes before you make your first sip. Giving it some air will open it up and will make it easier for you to enjoy the wonderful flavors you can taste. You can taste better the flavors of caramel and wood and the sweetness that will emerge.


  • Think Like a Wine Connoisseur

Wine connoisseurs are very particular with the taste of the wine they are serving and the food they serve it with. When you want to fully enjoy your whiskey, make the right choice when it comes to food. You can pair your whiskey with some delicate foods like  chicken and seafood.


  • Choose the Right Glass

To enjoy your whiskey to its fullest, you should know what kind of glass or vessel you are going to use. Whiskey aficionados know that a Glencairn whiskey glass is the best choice for your whiskey experience. The tulip shaped glass is designed to enhance one’s appreciation for bourbon by concentrating the aromas and unraveling its complexities. 


  • Take the Flavors Into Account

A whiskey has varied flavors that can range from smoke to vanilla honey. Spice up your whiskey experience by choosing the recipe which is similar or close to the flavor profile of your whiskey.. A bourbon with caramel notes is enjoyed with barbecue pork with caramelized flavor.


  • Enjoy It With Dessert

What better way to enjoy any drink than with food, especially with dessert. Whiskey is not only for your main course but also for your dessert. Match your sweet tasting whiskey with rich notes of vanilla, caramel, raisins and honey or with your preferred cheesecake or cinnamon apple crisp. Any type of food, your whiskey will surely mix and match giving you the enjoyment of your life.


Whiskey is a versatile drink. Spicing it up a bit will give you a different whiskey experience. Knowing what makes your whiskey, you can easily mix and match food and desserts with it.