Carlos De Aldecoa


Carlos graduated from The University of Houston in 1997 with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He started working for Coffee Process his last year of college. In 1998 he founded Cadeco with his father. Now, he oversees all things at Gulf Coast Distillers.

He believes that a quality product has to start with quality ingredients. Carlos ensures our grains are of the highest quality in order to create our world class products.

In his spare time, Carlos loves to be outdoors either sailing, working on old cars, or at the ranch.

María Patricia Echeverry

VP of Operations

María holds an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston and a BSIE from the Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia).

She joined our team in 2004 and now oversees all our operations. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, she is focused on operations and continuous improvement initiatives. She has been involved in Gulf Coast Distillers from its inception, and she manages the regulatory side of the company.

María is an avid reader and she enjoys visiting new countries and different cultures.

Andrew Nicolini


Andrew has 30+ years of experience in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution sector, with the last 11 years specifically in food/liquor manufacturing.

He joined our team in 2018 and he manages the accounting and finance side of the business. Andrew holds a CMA Certification, and he is a strong believer in lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Daniel Becka Jr.

Distillery Daily Operations Manager

Daniel joined the team in 2018, he has 25+ years in the food and beverage industry. He oversees the daily operations of the distillery, focusing on continuous improvement and product quality and safety.

Daniel is hands-on and works with the distillery operators to improve the team knowledge daily.

Daniel enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and on most weekends, they are either on a lake fishing or spending time in the woods.

Brisa Vaccaro

Inventory & Warehouse Operations Manager

Brisa has 20+ years of industrial manufacturing experience and started at Gulf Coast Distillers in 2019. She graduated from Santa Ana College in California with a BS in Business Management.

Brisa is in charge of inventory control and analysis, along with all warehouse operations including outbound and inbound shipments.

Julian Giraldo

Plant Manager & Head Distiller

With a Bachelor of Computer Science and Systems Engineering and a 6 Sigma Green Belt, Julian brings 13 years of food manufacturing, production, and development experience to the distillery.

He joined the organization in 2007 and has been part of several development projects including the startup of the distillery and also overseeing the coffee side operation.

He was mentored by David Pickerell (Maker’s Mark® and Whistle Pig® former Master Distiller) and Troy Smith (Yellow Rose® former Master Distiller), and during this learning experience he quickly dived in and picked up the insights of the fermentation and distillation universe due to his passion and enthusiasm for wine and spirits. Julian makes sure each step is done in the most efficient way following the highest quality standards.

When Julian is not at the distillery, he can be found enjoying outdoor activities like camping, mountain biking, stunt kite flying or traveling around the world visiting wineries and other distilleries with his family.

Catalina Martinez

General Manager Bottling Division

With a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Agricultural Business and graduate studies Finances, Catalina brings over 6 years of experience in management consulting with a focus on manufacturing process improvement and business management.

She joined the organization in 2017 and has played an integral part of the growth strategy of the company, spearheading the development and implementation of processes for the production lines and warehouse operations.

Catalina strongly believes in providing the best customer experience possible and works hard with the management team of the organization to bring the customer’s vision to life and achieve targets. She has lived, worked and visited over 20 countries and counting around the world.