We recently approached Victor, the Operations & Brand Manager at Gulf Coast Distillers to ask him important questions about his role and day to day operations.

At Gulf Coast Distillers, Victor works with the Distillation and Branding teams. One of the things he takes the lead on at Gulf Coast Distillers is quality control. He ensures that only the best liquids leave the facility for consumers to enjoy.

Read along to learn more about his thoughts on the industry and what a typical day as an Operations & Brand Manager looks like.

Q: Hi Victor, thank you for being here today. Tell us about what got you interested in distilling?

Victor: Initially the drink itself I’ve always been a fan of. The more I learned, the chemistry really intrigued me. I went to Kentucky and had the opportunity to get some education and really got a grasp on distillation, the industry, and everything involved.

This immediately jump started my passion for distilling and the spirits industry. My focus is on Whiskey, which is a complex, a not always understood drink. For me, the magic was learning about it in ways that not everyone knew about.

Q: So, what is your story? How did you start working at Gulf Coast Distillers?

Victor: I’ve been in the industry for almost 6.5 years, I’ve come across Giant Bourbon bottles in liquor stores in the past. So, I was familiar with one of the brands GCD made and distributed, but wasn’t very familiar with the distillery. When I started looking for a new place to hang my hat, I reached out to the school I attended in Kentucky. They referred me to GCD, which after learning they were the makers of Giant Bourbon, I was all in.

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Q: What are your goals for 2020 at Gulf Coast Distillers? What do you see in store for the whiskey industry in the years ahead?

Victor: There’s a lot to accomplish here. There is a lot these guys have been doing really well already. I feel my job & goals here are to fine tune the things they have been doing. By adding my expertise and perspectives, I feel I can help GCD get to the next level in their journey. I’m excited to be able to help them do this and be a part of their story as we go.

Whiskey has a long way to go. I believe we have just scratched the surface. As more craft distilleries pop up around the nation, this will push the envelope for creativity. We have been used to such a standard in whiskey for such a long time. These smaller distilleries are doing some amazing things and will continue to be the forefront of the industry. I think we still have a long way to go.

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We would like to thank Victor for the time he spent answering the above questions and wish him well for the years ahead. Feel free to stop by and visit him at our Ben’s Den tasting room.

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